Tuesday, October 24, 2006

It's Been a While...

Well, it's been a while since I updated this space. Not sure why really. Though, I suppose it's to do with the fact that I journal pretty much every day on RvB, so it seems a bit pointless blogging the same crapola.

What's been happening? Well, we all travelled back to the UK in August to get the UK house sorted out, having bought and moved into one here. It's funny, but it hurt taking the last things out of the house and letting my brother at it with a paintbrush. Especially the nursery. I cried. Silly sod that I am. It was the border we had in the nursery. I originally saw it when I was living in London, way before I got pregnant, way before we even got married. I saw this glorious sofa covered in a fabric with under the sea scenes on it. The sofa was wildly out of our price range and not a sensible buy, but I loved the design so much that when I finally fell pregnant, I had to have that material and the border that went with it. And now it is no more... And, sadly, the Designers Guild don't make that design any more.

The house is still untenanted as my brother still hasn't fixed everything in the house. This is because my grandad died at the end of September. 93 was a good innings, though it was pretty unexpected. Everyone was shocked and I travelled back to the UK for the funeral on my own, the first time I have ever been on a plane on my own. It was pretty scary, but not too bad considering.

The other thing that's happened is that I'm pregnant with number three. It was planned but still a shock! Especially as I fell immediately...again! Since falling pregnant, I've been reading a lot about infertility, especially on 'A little pregnant'. It's odd but, although I cannot imagine what it's like to be infertile, I can empathise. Having fallen immediately each time, four times, I can't imagine 'trying', not being able to and finally resorting to IVF and then adoption. But I feel awful for those who can't. It's almost as if I wish I could give a bit of my fertility to those who have none. OK, that was probably too much information, but there you go.

So, I'm happily tootling along in this pregnancy, a little concerned that they don't use nitrous oxide during birth over here, where 'gas and air' is a pretty ubiquitous in labour pain killer in the UK, but other than that, I'm pretty OK. Then I get to having that lovely test they call the 1 hour glucose tolerance test. We don't screen for gestational diabetes through blood test in the UK. We urine test every antenatal visit but, unless you've a blood glucose of over 180 (about 10 in the UK), the urine test won't show you as diabetic. I fail the 1 hour so am sent for the three hour...which I also fail. So, now I'm on a diabetic diet, eating 6 small meals a day and no chocolate...

They want me to go on insulin as they don't think my blood sugar is very well controlled. But my baby is still small for gestational age i.e. it doesn't show any signs of being a diabetic baby. Also, it's really only my fasting blood sugar and occasionally my breakfast blood sugar that's a concern. My blood pressure is pretty low so I don't show any signs of pre-eclampsia, something that usually goes hand in hand with gestational diabetes. I don't know. I'm going to see the endocrinologist on Thursday to ask all the questions and, hopefully, get told the right answers.

So that's my life at the moment.

I think we can safely say this goes under 'Witterings'...