Saturday, October 20, 2007

Fun for all the family

We've had some nice weather just recently so we've been outside quite a bit. Here's some video I took on Thursday last week.

I've also been doing awful things with my dressing him in leg warmers...OK, they're called 'Baby Legs' and they're supposed to be used when you want to show off your cloth nappies, so that you can protect a crawling baby's knees, but they are definitely Irene Cara's as Sean's been telling me all day... Ah, but they're patriotic!

We also caught one of his many, many bed head bad hair days on camera for the general hilarity of his adoring public (excuse the sleepy look, he'd literally just got up!):

He's such a darling though! He's pretty much always smiling so when he cries it's really horrible. And the smiles are to die for:

He also gives the greatest hugs, the sloppiest kisses and tends to bestow them freely and without bias!

In Central Park in September with a lady friend!

I couldn't be happier at the moment. I feel much better now after all the awful weeks of feeling like death warmed over. I still have no memory to speak of and I have days when it's hard to drag myself out of bed but, to be honest, there were days before I had my thyroid out when that occurred, so there's nothing new there. My memory worries me though as I'm so used to relying on it and now I can't. I completely forgot a lunch date a while ago and that I have never done; it was acutely embarrassing. I mix up my children's names as well, which hurts as I never did before I had the op.

Anyway, now things seem to have settled down a bit, I'm just going to chill out and relax. We bought a new (ish) car three weeks ago, so that's one worry off my mind as the old one was positively dangerous. We're finally getting around to finishing the decorating that we should have done when we moved in but didn't for various reasons the most pressing of which is that we are inherently lazy! Now we're just waiting for the bankruptcy that is known in the Dodd household as November...