Thursday, May 14, 2009

Woolly Pants?

Some of you may know that I'm a bit of a cloth nappy convert. I love the funky cool colours. I love the no leakage. I love the environmental protection aspect of them.

Blueberry Minky Blue Camo Pocket

Drybees CandyStripe AIO Pocket

G modelling the Australian Bubblebubs Minky AIO with Easter bunny tabs

G modelling the Bubblebubs Minky AIO with snowman tabs

G modelling the Bugaboo bottoms Crabby AIO Pocket - she doesn't make them any more :(

I also had a job lot of 12 bumGenius 2.0 One size pockets, which I replaced a while back with some Happy Heinys and the Drybees as the aplix/velcro gave up the ghost. They lasted 18 months. So much for passing them on to a sister or down to 'another baby'.

But now my 6 Bugaboo bottoms have worn out. Literally. The PUL has come away from the cotton outer layer and the cotton has worn through in places. This leaves me with about 6 Happy Heinys (with the hemp Stuffins which are GREAT!), 2 Drybees AIOs (also great), 2 Blueberry Blue camos (which I hate) and the 2 inestimable Bubblebubs AIOs (if I could have afforded it, I would have bought LOADS of these!).

He's about to be potty trained, but I'm loathe to put him in sposies. I already have him in sposies at night as not one of the newer nappies give him a full night. Actually, neither do the sposies, but he's marginally drier in them, than in the cloth.

And now my dearest, darlingest 'friend' keeps showing me just how adorable her wonderful son is in his wool covers...

I want to spend cash.

Lots of cash.

I want to give them a go. Just a little go. I'm not going to buy many. Just a few. Just to see if they work.

But seriously. Aren't these cute? Really?


I just bought these...

...thank you, fiend...yes, I missed out the 'r' on purpose...

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers' Day

Awwww. I got two home-made cards and a plant from school, as well as a beautiful handmade frame with a still life of some flowers from Miranda which she did at her Kindergarten enrichment class. I had a lovely bunch of spring flowers from 'them' on Saturday too. They make me happy!

We went to church for the first time in a couple of weeks because there was no softball, which was nice, especially as what they preached on was something I touched on with Sean only the day before. He hates my batphone right now...LOL!

Then we went to our favourite Mexican restaurant where I had a free sangria and a large strawberry margarita...yum! Dinner was great too, some yummy tilipia fillet in a very decadent creamy sauce, with rice and sticky plantain. That was my day's calories there! But, it was a special day!

Then we went to the mall and had a wander round. Sean took me into the Apple store and said 'Whatever you want'. Have you ever been offered the box of chocolates and everything is so tempting that you just can't decide, except you're suddenly not hungry for chocolate? OK, maybe chocolate was the wrong analogy. He's just got his tax rebate. Last year we used it to pay off the credit cards and bought a car the year before. This year, it's sitting there burning a hole in our collective pocket. I'm awful with money and I spend it willy nilly. I was hoping he would just disappear it into a hole somewhere so that when we haven't got all the comfortable cash we have at the moment, we have some squirrelled away for a rainy day.

Don't get me wrong. I LOVE the fact that he wanted to spend a bit of it on me, but my head is giving my heart a serious lambasting!

I walked out of the Apple store without my Mothers' Day present because, seriously, the best Mothers' Day present I could have is that this family is financially secure for a bit longer.

We then had a Starbucks and went home for a little time outside on their bikes, stories and bedtime. What a LOVELY day!

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

All Grown Up?

Last night I went to the parents meeting for our chosen pre-school for Gabe.

That's right. Pre-school.

My baby starts his 3s program in September...

It doesn't seem like yesterday that I was writing this:

And now he's all grown up. Well. Not really. He still has to be potty-trained. And he still sleeps in his cot, however much we start out in 'Bih bed'. Oh, yeah, and if I want him to eat certain foods, I still have to spoon feed him, especially if he's tired.

Because of all the above, I was going to start him in January but I was told by the ladies that what he gains from being fully potty-trained (some hope!) he'll lose in trying to fit into a group that's already socially familiar with each other. They will, apparently, call me if there's poop... They have to do it all the time and have a lot of children who start the year in pull-ups. So September it is, then.

I just can't imagine him going to school though. He can't talk much yet. Well, he says a few sentences, can count to 10 (mostly) and make himself mostly understood when he absolutely HAS to (example; he called Sean into his room last night and pointed at his feet and said 'My toes!' in an outraged tone, which Sean took correctly to mean his feet were cold as he didn't have footsie pjs on!). I'm his mother. I'm supposed to know what he's banging on about, but will someone who doesn't know him know what he's banging on about?! September is only 4 months away. Will he change that much in that time? I have to keep reminding myself that going back to England for just 3 weeks saved Miranda from having to go into speech development. Maybe going back for 6 weeks will have the same effect on Gabe! I hope so!

If there is anything more well designed to make one broody, it's having your baby go to pre-school...

Sunday, May 03, 2009


That's the way my ten yo translates the word 'lyrics'. She's taken to listening to them quite closely, just recently. Not necessarily a bad thing, except for the fact that her favourite artist happens to be Lily Allen...

She made Sean put Susan's House on repeat the other day. Then she said, 'That's quite disturbing'. Er...yes...

I won't let her put Lily's new album on her iPod. I've not listened to it all the way through, yet. However, she already has The Fear on it. I tried to explain what that was about but *whoosh* right over her head. Then we listened to It's Not Fair and that was too beyond me to explain right now! I think, therefore, will leave the rest of the album till later...whenever that will be...

She heard Cobrastyle by the Teddybears the other day and decided that she liked it but, in her effort to understand lie-ricks, she wanted me to search them out. Then complained that they weren't in English. I felt duty bound to point out that, actually, yes they were. Just some kind of gangster linga that needed to be translated... It's not a bad song, but I tried to get her into Paper Planes by M.I.A. which I think is a much better song, but she wasn't having it. However, I managed to convert her to The Ting Tings!

Oh, yeah, and what is it about Hard-Fi? I like them. Quite a bit. It's something to do with the Clash twangy guitar and the stripped down lyrics, just makes me feel all nostalgic (a bit like Kasabian gives me the Madchesters...especially when Genius plays them back to back with the Stone Roses!). But my sister is all 'OMG how CHAV?!'...Pah!

( this the right time to admit that I like The Streets as well?)