Friday, February 27, 2009

I'm trying to write this thing more often...

...but I'm not having that much success! I suppose it's because, compared with the rest of the world, I lead a very dull life.

I mean, look at today. No. Really don't. Got up. Chased round after the kids and got breakfast. Showered. Did 3 loads of washing. Downloaded the first ep of the new UK Law and Order. Read some board posts. Did a tag post (the one with the Album and Band name). Chucked the kids outside and watched them play for a bit. Got lunch. Put Gabe down for a nap and put Miranda on the bus. Did more washing. Did an hour of Wii Fit. Came up here and started writing this...

You get the idea.

Did anyone do anything interesting? No. Gabriel might have got completely covered from head to foot in ice cold mud the second he went outside, but other than that, dull as dishwater.

Anyway, this is not what I was going to write about. I was actually going to moan on about how cr@ppy my week's been, what with the God-awful cold I had at the beginning (laid up in bed, husband at home, THAT bad...) and then Gabriel getting it (so maybe getting covered in ice cold mud on his first well day wasn't the BEST idea). But maybe, it's not been so cr@ppy. Not really. Shrove (Fat) Tuesday was nice, with sweet (lemon and sugar, maple syrup or Nutella spread) and savoury (Ratatouille...yum!) pancakes and large amounts of alcohol consumed. But now I'm off chocolate and alcohol for Lent.

I wanted to write that down. Just in case, you know, I forget. Hah!

Anyway, we (being Sean, Imogen and I) are doing a walk through book for Lent called Reliving the Passion (which Mum gave him for Easter last year) which isn't bad so far. It is a bit dismal though. In a good way. If that's possible. It's very focussed on death and sin and how bad we all are and YOU put Jesus there, it's ALL your fault. In a good way. If that's possible.

And it's the weekend! Imogen has a softball tryout tomorrow, so that they can accurately put her in a team. I think they try and space out all the good and bad ones so it's fair, now that they play competetively. Imogen's not bad, though she's probably a bit rusty from the off season. I'm also doing a partner swap with my friend. LMAO! Not THAT kind of partner swap! She's coming here for dinner and Sean's going to her house with her husband. Her hubby is an ex-veggie but he kind of still wants to be, so he'll be cooking Sean something good veggie-wise, whereas my friend is an out-and-out carnivore, so I get to eat yummy meat. It's a pretty good arrangement. We did it the other way round last time! So that's should be fun...except no wine :(

Thursday, February 19, 2009

I thought exercise was supposed to give you more energy.

But every morning I wake up and seem to have to drag my sorry ar$e out of bed, rather than spring forth full of the joys of the season. I also thought it was supposed to make you lose weight as well, but that doesn't seem to be happening either.

I've increased my general exercise quotient by about 100% since having the Wii Fit. Yes, I'm actually doing some... I was doing yoga DVDs on a fairly irregular basis but now I go down there every day and I work up a sweat doing the yoga on the Wii Fit program and playing all the 'aerobics' games. I suspect that the Wii Fit yoga isn't as good as the DVDs and I think I'm going to have to go back to those, but at least I'm actually doing it, which I wasn't often enough with the DVDs.

So why am I still tired? And why am I not losing weight? I've started eating smaller portions and less fat too, so why is the weight not going away?

I'm going to see the endocrinologist in a couple of weeks. It's time for my now yearly full body scan to make sure there's no more cancer. Maybe he can shed some light onto what's going on. Maybe I need my Synthroid adjusted...

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Is it OK to vacuum the cat?

I'm fed up to the back teeth of the cat hair tumbleweeds.

Before we got him all I had to cope with was forgotten jelly droppings on the hardwood floor and ground-in playdoh in the carpet. And I was promised by my husband (and, to be fair, all the websites on the breed) that they didn't shed as much as ordinary moggies. Which is complete balderdash.

So now I'm vacuuming more than twice a week. Which is scary. I have never vacuumed that much in my life! It does mean, though, that I discover the jelly droppings and the playdoh crusts before they get fossilized and become part of the 'patina' of the flooring...

I also have a HEPA filter going night and day because, despite what all those websites asserted, Maine Coon cats are just as allergenic as ordinary ones if you're allergic to cat dander...