Wednesday, May 06, 2009

All Grown Up?

Last night I went to the parents meeting for our chosen pre-school for Gabe.

That's right. Pre-school.

My baby starts his 3s program in September...

It doesn't seem like yesterday that I was writing this:

And now he's all grown up. Well. Not really. He still has to be potty-trained. And he still sleeps in his cot, however much we start out in 'Bih bed'. Oh, yeah, and if I want him to eat certain foods, I still have to spoon feed him, especially if he's tired.

Because of all the above, I was going to start him in January but I was told by the ladies that what he gains from being fully potty-trained (some hope!) he'll lose in trying to fit into a group that's already socially familiar with each other. They will, apparently, call me if there's poop... They have to do it all the time and have a lot of children who start the year in pull-ups. So September it is, then.

I just can't imagine him going to school though. He can't talk much yet. Well, he says a few sentences, can count to 10 (mostly) and make himself mostly understood when he absolutely HAS to (example; he called Sean into his room last night and pointed at his feet and said 'My toes!' in an outraged tone, which Sean took correctly to mean his feet were cold as he didn't have footsie pjs on!). I'm his mother. I'm supposed to know what he's banging on about, but will someone who doesn't know him know what he's banging on about?! September is only 4 months away. Will he change that much in that time? I have to keep reminding myself that going back to England for just 3 weeks saved Miranda from having to go into speech development. Maybe going back for 6 weeks will have the same effect on Gabe! I hope so!

If there is anything more well designed to make one broody, it's having your baby go to pre-school...

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